About Us

     5DStyle.com offers quality custom printed goods, metaphysical goods, & trending products to fund various means of spreading awareness concerning ascension, consciousness, the soul, & the current planetary shift toward the 5th dimensional golden age of humanity .  Our hope is that people currently unaware of these events will find this site due to interest in a trending product and be illuminated to a much more complex & magnificent version of reality.

     For those individuals already on the path and aware of the situation, we hope to provide a variety of ways to aid in the raising of vibration in preparation for ascension. We also have a great selection of spiritual t-shirts, yoga accessories, frequency & crystal databases for reference, original sacred geometry wall art  & various other metaphysical products we hope you enjoy.

     It is an amazing time to be alive on Planet Earth and monumental events are transpiring behind the scenes that affect all of humanity.  As the truth is disclosed regarding the true state of affairs of our society, we hope to share it here and make available that which has been hidden from us for so long. We are always adding information to the site so check again from time to time if you don't find what you are looking for today.

                                                **Our Promise**

     Aside from our modest overhead costs and living expenses, we intend to use all additional profits in service of humanity by way of education and the restructuring of our many outdated and dis-functional systems currently in place in our society.  Synergistic systems that reward compassion and sharing are the  business and governing models of the future.  We give you our word that any donations or excess profits will be spent entirely on this ongoing reformation of our planet. 

Donations can be sent  through Venmo here @donations5dstyle

     Your ongoing support and business makes a difference in people's lives and the gratitude we have for your contribution is much more than can be adequately expressed here.  From all of us here at 5D Style & Supply, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!  We sincerely appreciate You!! 

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